Designer of CLIPLIE

My name is Cyndie Zulian, and I am a designer and passionate creator.

Since I was a little girl, I always have been drawing and working with materials to create objects. My pleasure is to turn imagination into reality !


Nature, geometric shapes, symbolism, and organic elements are my inspirations.


I had the pleasure and the honour to receive the Silver Medal at Concours Lepine and naturally, the idea came to me to create my own company in
order to promote my first product called CLIPLIE and others thereafter.


A success brings to another one, I won the Janus award from the French Design
Industry, (L’Institut Français du Design)


This is very important to me to improve daily life by bringing them nature and harmony. Also to show that there are other ways of apprenticeship in order to keep creativity and contribute of child development.


My difference : combine beauty and clean design objects.


Cyndie Zulian

Passion and DNA of the invention !


I come from of an artistic family with a father who was industrial designer then computer engineer and a mother specialising in interior decorator. I could only ever be a designer !


The inventive spirit is a family tradition : « my grand-father made his childrens toys himself ».


CLIPLIE saw the light further to the creatorof a modulable and personalised bag.

Everyone is free to create their own bag in fitting with their personality.

Adapting the bag creatives various accessories I knew immediatly that product had further creative possibilities.


The first time which I presented this game to the public it was at the « Concours Lepine 2014 » exhibition.


I was pleasantly surprised that the parents and children appreciated my product. This gave me the confidence to do more and to produce and commercialize my idea.

I very quickly founded my company, Inventif Studio.


With CLIPLIE children have the possibility to create whatever, to have the notion of volume and to develop their imagination !


Cyndie Zulian